April 11, 2017

Letter: Howard Hughes can provide needed housing

In December of last year, the pharmaceutical giant Bristol Myers-Squibb announced plans to close its 433-acre campus in Hopewell, which employs 1,250 people. As a commercial broker, I know that this is partially the result of an inability to attract a skilled workforce to the area. This problem is especially acute among millennials due to a jobs-to-housing imbalance that has been cited by PlanSmart NJ and the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

The project recently proposed by the Howard Hughes Corporation in West Windsor would go a long towards reducing this imbalance. For instance, this project would provide residents at all stages of their lives and with a range of incomes a variety of housing options to meet their needs. This project will also create a live, work and play environment within walking and biking distance to additional commercial and retail uses.

If we want to maintain the Route 1 corridor’s competitive advantage as a geographic location, we need to provide the necessary development and infrastructure to support this growth. The Howard Hughes Corporation’s project could serve as an integral part of this solution.

— Aubrey Haines
Haines is chief executive officer of Mercer Oak Realty

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